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Proudly serving GTA and surrounding areas


Saga Sealing is a respected name around the community because of the high quality products they use along with a team of friendly, experienced professionals who are great at what they do and provide affordable pricing.


Saga Sealing can handle just about any sealing and restoration job you need done – at home or at your business. We have been providing high-quality driveway sealing and restoration services to homes and businesses throughout Toronto.


For years, property owners and managers have trusted Saga Sealing to provide them with quality and hassle-free service when it comes to their residential and commercial pavement needs.

High quality, top of the line, tar-based sealant will keep your driveway flexible and durable to prevent any cracking or heaving. Our sealer keeps your driveway hydrated which allows your driveway to breathe through the hot summer months and protects the asphalt during the winter months from salt, and snow plows. 

Why spend thousands repaving when you can spend the fraction of that cost by just maintaining with the right sealant. 

Our team of friendly experienced professionals will help you with:

• Cleaning all weeds (scraping right out of the roots)

• Power blowing (dirt, rocks, debris, weeds)

• Taping off areas to prevent overspray

• Crack filling (to prevent cracks from expanding )

• Potholes (if necessary)

• Ramps to the garage (if necessary)

• Patchwork (if necessary)

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