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The Time is Now!

An asphalt driveway surface is the most economical solution that provides a very clean, sleek look to any home. The curb appeal created with an asphalt driveway enhances the value of your property while providing durability and maintenance free living. You're one call away from a sleek driveway! Call now!

Why Saga Sealing?

We have grown to become the choice for homeowners and commercial businesses looking for asphalt and parking lot sealing services.

Our Mission

Saga Sealing believes that sealing driveways and restoring it early is always better than undertaking a costly repair or full replacement.

Our Process

When sealing asphalt driveways, we spray our high-quality, top of the line, tar-based sealant onto your asphalt. The reason we spray the product is because we can control exactly how much material goes down and give you what the product specifications and job demands. We lay down a thick coat of our unique product at a high spread rate. The result is jaw-dropping! Worried about overspray? Rest assured, the experts at Saga Sealing will tape off any interlocking, stone, concrete, and sidewalk to make sure the spray is only on your driveway! We're the name your neighbour trusts! Call today!

Two is Better Than One

Worried about pin holes and imperfections from the first coat?


The experts at Saga Sealing use their industry leading Two-Coat application method. When sealer dries it leaves behind pin holes and minor imperfections, we know this could rub you the wrong way so we lay down a second coat to cover up the pin holes and imperfections. The second coat takes probably half as long as the first. Most importantly, the whole idea behind the second coat is to keep water out of the paved surface.

Saga's Approach

Saga Sealing believes that nothing beats hard work and craftsmanship. We’re proud to work on your asphalt driveway and commercial parking lot.


We don’t believe in short cuts and we work diligently to ensure that your driveway looks great and lasts long by:

 We know you want a neat-looking job, and that's why we take pride and   care in using the right approach. 

 Properly training our crews to ensure no areas are missed.

 Providing incredible attention to detail

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Beyond asphalt driveways and parking lots, Saga Sealing specializes in commercial tasks such as line painting. Having access to multiple vehicles and machines, Saga Sealing is able to provide fast & effective same day service! Not happy with the work we did? Don't worry, you don't pay! Satisfaction is guaranteed, and warranty is provided for same season repairs! We're the name your neighbour trusts! Call Saga Sealing today, don't delay!

"See the difference that unparalleled attention to detail, coupled with our experience in the industry can make. We think you'll agree that the results speak for themselves."

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